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Long hours and mosquitoes
Travel report no. two from AK Greenland on Thule Air Base

Thule/Dundas August 7th. 2013

The skilled craftsmen from AK Greenland work 12 hours a day. However they managed to get out on the bay and do some fishing despite the limited time off. The best thing tough is that the Internet is working now making it possible to connect with their loved ones at home.

Naturen er altid t¾t pŒ og  lige så barsk som smuk

The ice is broken up and the staff has been out on the water. You can walk outside only with a shirt on. But the weather can change very rapidly in Greenland.

The next day a wind with the speed of 20-25 meter/s can sweep down from the Ice Cape and because of the wind chill, the temperature feels like minus 15C/5F. Warmer summer weather means that it is high season for the famous Greenland mosquitoes. Stand still for a minute and you’ll have 50 mosquitoes sitting on you. Therefore it is sure nice that the internet is now working and the people can connect with their loved ones. It took only seven weeks to accomplish. After a long work day it is something which helps everybody feel better.

-The project is running in high gear. But we still face a lot of challenges, says Klaus N. Bruntse Project Coordinator, Adserballe & Knudsen. He continues:


-The floor is completed and the interior walls are done. The painters have just arrived with the Airbus supply plane from Copenhagen and will start painting the walls. Then we can continue mounting the ceilings. Every part of the project has to be thoroughly coordinated. A total of 19 craftsmen are working side by side and the space is very limited. Everyone is depending on the progress made by their colleagues.

-End of September we will complete the first phase of the project. Therefore it’s kind of a peak period for us. At the same time we have to work full speed on the different outside jobs in order to get over with them before the stormy season starts around September 15th.

Last supply ship from Aalborg
The last supply ship from Grønlandshavnen in Aalborg is due around September 1st. If we miss anything we have to have it flown in by air cargo. We hope we can avoid that. We feel we have thought of everything and ordered everything needed, i.e. nails, timber, steel, insulation, tools etc.

The ship brings among other things the new refrigerators which alone take up 50m3 on the ship. In October specialists will be flown in to complete the installation.

The great outdoors of Greenland
The hours and the days are used efficiently. A few jobs are behind schedule while others are ahead of schedule. The corporation is perfect with the advisors and the representatives from The US Air Force and we are able to quickly solve the inevitable minor problems that occur.

Saunders Island

Sundays are off but most often we are too tired to do much sightseeing or hike out into the great outdoors. Last Sunday though we flew over the ice and what an impressive sight. Glacial lakes, ice flows, and silence except for the melting water running.


We are in business
Travel report no. one from AK Greenland on Thule Air Base

Thule/Dundas May 8th. 2013

AK Greenland is renovating the Supply Center on Thule Air Base for the US Government. In May a team of skilled craftsmen left Denmark.


It took us the first week to get organized, find our way around and do all the paper work required, meeting our counterparts, taking pictures of Dundas etc.

Now the team is in business. We have cleared all the old installations, interior walls etc. out of the large Supply Center building, and we have the end of the beginning within sight.

Bygning med ror

An important part of the job was cleaning out the asbestos from a pipe space. A narrow corridor kind of place about four feet high. First the corridor was cleared for thousands of pounds of pipe.  Fortunately the Americans have assisted us in moving the scrap to a dump.

-Next week we can start working with the new insulation and ceilings. We are right on track and within the time schedule, says Klaus N. Bruntse, project coordinator, AK Greenland and goes on saying:

-Also next week four additional carpenters arrive on the site so we will be six carpenters and a supply guy working on the job. The plumbers will start mounting the new piping’s and the electricians from our partner Brøndum International A/S will mount the first of the electric wires.

-All in all I will say that the first phase has been smooth and we are now in the routine of working from 6 am. to 6 pm., working out a three or four nights a week, and sleeping the rest of the time.

In the evenings there is not much to do. If you still want to do something you can take some pretty awesome tours outside the base and experience the incredible nature. Let me show you some pictures from my last trip.


We flew out over the ice, through a valley where we saw muskoxen, passed by glaciers, over icemountains and the like.


On a small ice floe we saw seven walrus laying in a bright sun shine and under the blue sky. Truly a beautiful sight.