About us

Mission Statement
AK Greenland wants to be a key player in the construction sector by offering quality work carried out by our own reliable and skilled craftsmen.

AK Greenland builds on traditional skills to the benefit of the customers and the community.

AK Greenland contributes to the community in two distinct ways. We solve an important problem by working with care and thought in meeting the community’s need for new housing, repair, renovation and maintenance, so the community’s assets are preserved for the future and people can live and work in healthy and modern buildings.

At the same time, we create interesting and stable jobs while offering our employees a challenging job where the working environment and the external environment are safe guarded. We offer our young as well as our experienced people training and education so that their skills are preserved and developed.

External environment, working environment and quality improvement
The climate in Greenland is extremely sensitive. AK Greenland has specific procedures for waste treatment and we will select materials and solutions which have the lowest possible environmental impact and are fully conscious about responsibilities and quality. Quality control and improvement are integrated in all processes.

Policies and standards for environmental procedures and quality are monitored at all times. The standards also apply to all subcontractors and their employees. Job satisfaction is important. A sound mental health is part of a good working environment.

Ask for the brochure: Work Safety.