Constructed the world’s most northern bridge

The weather is a challenge in Greenland. Low temperatures, hurricanes, sudden weather changes, etc. Sudden changes in temperature can create violent streams of melting water. That is exactly what happened in the Thule area where the violent water flushed away an important bridge which was used by the US Air Force Thule Base.
The US Air Force is known as a very demanding buyer. Based on price, experience, the environmental profile, and the quality of work, Adserballe & Knudsen won the contract to construct a new and more solid bridge.
The bridge was delivered on time in accordance with the contract in spite of all the challenges working in the Arctic.
To construct the most northern bridge in the world, 61 meters long and eight meter wide (200 by 26 feet), required a lot of planning. You only have a short period in which you can carry out construction work. In order to secure the new bridge against melting water, the concrete foundations were dug five meters (16 feet) down into the perma frozen underground and cast with 250 cubic meter of concrete. The deck was constructed with 250 cubic meter of oak.

General Contractor:

Adserballe & Knudsen A/S


US Air Force


Niels Laursen, CEO, AK Greenland A/S

Project value:

10 Million Danish crones

Work period:

July 1990-July 1991