Sports Arena

The Worlds most northern Sports Arena
In Quaanaaq, it isn’t easy to play ball as the surface is permafrost. It changed for the better when Adserballe & Knudsen constructed a modern sports arena. It’s big enough to play hand ball and has a diner so the people and especially the youth, have a place to meet and have fun. Especially in the winter half year when it’s totally dark 24/7, the arena offers a place to do things together.
Because of the permafrost the building is on piles. Adserballe & Knudsen had 10-12 craftsmen on the job which took a full year. The building is efficiently insolated on all six sides. Before winter the roof and walls were standing so craftsmen could work indoors during the rough winter period.
The biggest challenge was to bring materials ashore from the supply ship as Quaanaaq doesn’t have a harbor and no cranes. But with skill and ingenuity, they managed to bring materials ashore as well as solving other problems and constructed the arena on time.

General Contractor:

Adserballe & Knudsen A/S


Quaanaaq, Qaasuitsup Kommunia


Niels Laursen, CEO, AK Greenland A/S

Project value:

10 Million Danish Crones

Work period:

Juli 1990-July 1991