THULE AIR BASE – Dormitory Building 97

Complete renovation of building 97. Building 97 was originally completed in 1959 as a 3 story Dormitory Building of approximately 3.000 m2.
The project included demolition of existing conditions except load bearing steel structure and steel- and concrete decks. An addition in 3-story’s was added to the existing building – adding approximately 200 m2 for future common areas.
After completing foundation and steel works for mentioned addition, the building envelope was closed with high-insulating foam panels and low-energy windows (3 layer glass) on all building surfaces.

Internally the building was designed and completed with 42 independent apartment units, each with kitchen/living room, rest- and bathroom and bedroom. In addition to this, various mechanical rooms for heating system, water, ventilation and sprinkler. The project included complete replacement and addition of new installations, such as; HVAC, sprinkler, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems.
The building envelope was complete in a 2 month period during summer time. Working this far north involves brief summers and very harsh weather conditions, which requires extreme detail and attention to planning and coordination, as the summer period for external work is so short.

The work was initiated with demolition in 2017. Due to 2 project suspension due to outside factors and finally COVID19, the project was completed in February 2021. Originally the project had a time frame of a bit more than 1 year from start demolition.

General Contractor: Adserballe & Knudsen Greenland A/S
Client: US Air Force
Contact: Niels Laursen, CEO, AK Greenland A/S
Project value: 20.4 million US Dollars 127 million Danish Crones
Work period: 2017 – 2020